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HTC ONE M8 Hands On Review

HTC doesn’t beat around the bush. On the same day that it announced its new One (M8), the phone went up for sale. Not pre-orders, mind you, I mean you could actually walk into a store and buy the damn thing right after the announcement. After jetting to NYC and back for HTC’s launch event, we have our review unit in hand and are ready to share some initial impressions.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 vs Apple’s iPad Mini

Specs compared on both. Which one would you go for?

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BlackBerry 10 Dubai Launch Party

Behind the scenes look at what happened at one of the most exclusive events in the Dubai. Event at Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifah. For more information on BlackBerry 10 and the newly announced handsets.

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BlackBerry Z10. Top 3 Features.

The BlackBerry Z10 is an all new device running an all new OS. With the help of a BlackBerry rep, we show you 3 of what we consider to be ‘top new features’ of the device.

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Apple iPod Touch… A Possible ‘mini netbook’?

Hi Guys,


So I’v been spending more and more time with my online activities (a real distraction from revision, yes!!!).


I recently came across the Apple iPod Touch 2G. I had never given the ipod or Apple much attention in the past. A result due to a mixture of ignorance and ‘blind – devotion’ to the BlackBerry brand.


However, after a few visits to the Apple store, to find out what all the ‘fuss’ was about, and the exchange of my hard earned cash, I am most impressed with this little piece of kit!


It now has become my mini netbook! Shame about the lack of camera (think Skype) and poor battery life! 😦


Anyway here are my thoughts…Video Styles! 🙂

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Funky Zara Compares The BlackBerry Storm, Bold and Curve 8900 – Video

RIM has recently released a whole bunch of new handsets, all of which have diffrent features and functions, not to mention, aimed at diffrent market sectors. i’v not seen many videos comparing the hot three, however Zara of MobileChic has managed to do exactly that in around two minutes! She’s done a pretty solid job of summing up some of the pros and cons of each device. Been thinking about a new BlackBerry? Can’t decide between the BlackBerry Bold, Storm or Curve 8900? If so, check out the video above. Zara of MobileChic let us know about the quick video overview and comparison she put together. In only two minutes she does a pretty solid job of summing up some of the pros and cons to each device. What are your thought on this? Is she being overly critical of the Storm????Drop your thoughts and reactions in the comments. You can catch more of Zara’s mobile reviews on YouTube.

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