Apple iPod Touch… A Possible ‘mini netbook’?

Hi Guys,


So I’v been spending more and more time with my online activities (a real distraction from revision, yes!!!).


I recently came across the Apple iPod Touch 2G. I had never given the ipod or Apple much attention in the past. A result due to a mixture of ignorance and ‘blind – devotion’ to the BlackBerry brand.


However, after a few visits to the Apple store, to find out what all the ‘fuss’ was about, and the exchange of my hard earned cash, I am most impressed with this little piece of kit!


It now has become my mini netbook! Shame about the lack of camera (think Skype) and poor battery life! 😦


Anyway here are my thoughts…Video Styles! 🙂

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One thought on “Apple iPod Touch… A Possible ‘mini netbook’?

  1. Derika says:

    Very well put. Definitely why i switched back to iPhone from blackberry (had to see what the crackberry fuss was all about lol). The Storm may be the solution to that problem, but it has a ways to go to match the quality of the iPhone/iPod Touch.

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