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HTC ONE M8 Hands On Review

HTC doesn’t beat around the bush. On the same day that it announced its new¬†One (M8), the phone went up for sale. Not pre-orders, mind you, I mean you could actually walk into a store and buy the damn thing right after the announcement. After jetting to NYC and back for HTC’s launch event, we have our review unit in hand and are ready to share some initial impressions.

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How gadget reviews should be!

Hi y’all

So I decided to walk into my local Vodafone store to check the new HTC Magic, recently launched here in the UK.

I’m impressed with Android and how far its come in such a short time. With a smooth UI and clean crisp functions it makes my blackberry feel ancient lol! BUT I got home and was impressed further by a review I saw for the Magic on YouTube, by a user called ‘edgeable’… It was a pleasure to watch (must have been a pain to put together tho! Lol)

I hope you enjoy!

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