#N8Productions – Steve Jobs on Tiger Pants (stop motion)

This is my submission for the Nokia N8Productions competition… where 8 lucky winners will get to go to Florida, USA to take part in a zero gravity flight experience. The requirements of this video were within 3 minutes to shoot a exciting, innovative and creative video using a Nokia N8.

For more video submissions click here: #N8Productions


So what do you guys think? On to a winner? … Please LIKECOMMENTSHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS ON TWITTER & FACEBOOK. THANKS :-)


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emkwan™ Project – OFFICIAL WEBSITE:

Visit the NEW official emkwan Website


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MacBook™ Case – U Decide

Guys, a little dilemma – nothing major or life threatening, well not unless your life depends on your macbook’s image (thinks… hmmm) lol

I wanted you guys to help me choose which of the two cases you like best. One is the Speck See Thru Case (Green)  http://bit.ly/amdX1t the other Proporta’s performa sleeve http://bit.ly/brWBwd.

Vote for which you think is best,

If there are others you think are better, than do let me know. Post a comment

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What is blogging?

So today i got asked what is blogging?

Interesting question so i thought i’d demonstrate…

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Top Tech Of The Last Decade

2010 is almost here so what better way then to round up my top tech of the last decade. Enjoy.

Apple Store Love Song

Welcome To Mohsin Health Products

Blackberry Bold Case Unboxing DealSniper

Thanks to dealsniper for these cases for my blackberry bold. Unboxing and 1st thoughts… Go check them out guys!


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