What is ’emkwan™ Project’?

Peace N Blessings All, and welcome to the emkwan™ Project!

Unusal in its name and style – The ’emkwan™ Project’ is a web based information portal devoted to Tech & Online Pop Culture! With reviews & views from emkwan™ himself and associated friends, the emkwan™ Project uses popular ‘viral’ mediums such as YouTube, Twitter, Flicker and more.

Set up in early 2009 – the single objective of emkwan was to build from ‘scratch’ with NO previous online experience, a presence online with followers and subscribers. The final aim was to see if emkwan™ Project could reach YouTube Partnership status, which in August 2009, was successfully achieved. In little under a year, emkwan™ Project became one of the leading UK based YouTube reviewers on Blackberry and Apple related products and associated accessories. With over 200’000 videos viewed in less then 12 months.

The next step is to take this further by increasing the number of subscribers and followers on YouTube and Twitter accounts. Working towards giving ‘fans’ and followers of the emkwan™ Project, the chance to enter FREE giveaways and working in partnership with retailers and online companies to offer exclusive discounts and offers on Tech and related products and services.

…So join the emkwan™ Project and spread the ‘Good’ tech news, Today!

Peace N Blessings!


14 thoughts on “What is ’emkwan™ Project’?

  1. gavin says:

    hi thanks for the instructions for the i player, 1 question do you know if the bold can install flash as all smartphones cant install this as yet..
    do you have instructions?

  2. emkwan says:

    no flash as yet for the blackberry gavin… sorry!

  3. Eric Bomey says:

    I think it is very kewl that you are giving a Bold away!
    I was going to get one next week, when my tax refound arrived, but that is not going to happen anymore. I lost my job 3 weeks ago, due to the economy. So – I am going to have to get more life out of my 2 year old Curve.
    I am going back to youTub to check out your vids.
    Maybe I will get lucky and you will pick me out of the bowl!

  4. Nyck says:

    Hello… I believe I’m deserving of winning your Blackberry Bold for the following reason. I currently have a Curve, for Verizon. For me to obtain a Bold it would have to be unlocked. It just so happens to be that your giving one way. That is pretty much the only reason I have other than, I watch your videos, i read your blogs, I’m up to date with the topics on your website and I’m very interested in the information your providing the internet world. I’m not sucking up or anything like that, I’m just speaking my thoughts. If i shall be the lucky winner, I’d be ecstatic, but if not then I’ll still keep watching the vids, and reading your blog.


  5. Brandon says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. I have always wanted a Bold. Have had many blackberries but never a really nice new one. I currently have an iphone and would love to be able to switch back to blackberry. Thanks

  6. dave says:

    hi emkwan tutorial gor iplayer was wicked and great, have you suused itvplayer or 4o as of yet
    look forward to hearing from you


  7. dave says:

    hi emkwan tutorial for iplayer was wicked and great, have you suused itvplayer or 4o as of yet
    look forward to hearing from you

    owner blackberry 8900 orange


  8. sherri says:

    Hey, Emkwan. I have been following you on Twitter, and at another Berry Forum. Thought you would like to know about another Berry forum, http://www.everythingberry.net

    You will find some familiar faces, as well as some new ones!

  9. Ruth Rogge says:

    I wanted to thank you for helping me install my RAM upgrade in my Asus EEE 1000. I love this little thing and would love to hear of any other suggestions you might have for it. I am also intrigued by your major. I will always go to my dr and take the prescription to my nutritionist. I resist chemicals as often as I can.

    A new “older” follower from south Florida.

  10. Sarkar73 says:

    Thanks for all your help with regards to themes for the BB Boldand such, however can you help me. I downloaded the .jad file and my Bold won’t take the file when I go to Add a program. Do I need to convert the .jad file to something else and if so how do I do so.

    Thanks and Cheers.

  11. TrevorDrance says:

    hey mate,
    this site is pretty nifty.
    i’ll definitely stay update to date with the emkwan project ;D


  12. TrevorDrance says:

    whoop’s! i meant i’ll stay up to date, not update to date.
    hah sorry about that mate

  13. KC says:

    Hey, thanks for the iplayer program! – it works great on my 9700!!! do you know if there are such programs for ITV/Channel 4? – i travel a lot.. :o( many thanks in advance..

  14. Jerry says:

    The video steps and quality are very good. After deleting the vendor file and load the “loader” file it starts, does the “checks” and crash.
    Tried twice.
    Using T-Mobile_8900AllLang_PBr5[1].0.0_rel1168_PL5.2.0.67_A5.0.0.681, as I’m with the T-mobile … has T-Mobile modem set-up…if they look it would be their file…even that the vendor file was deleted…
    Any ideas?

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