Nokia N97 Day – A view from a crackberry addict!

Hi guys!

Check the Q differences (thanks Paul@Nokia N97 Geeks!)

It was the 19th and for many of my Nokia and Apple fans it was an exciting time with the release of two new handsets; Nokia’s N97 and Apple’s iPhone 3Gs.

While many of you are aware of the fact I consider myself to be a hardcore ‘crackberry’ addict, i was intrigued and interested to see how the competition stacked up.

Being a UK and London based blogger I was given an invite to both Apple and Nokia launches (both of which are licated opposite each other lol).

However Apple was a complete let down. It seems media and bloggers were invited BUT were not permited to film. We were told Apple were happy for us to film outside, but that’s no good when you have hungry Apple obsessed fans… hell i even got asked to leave by security when i tried an undercover flex…hehehehe! (might try again after lunch)

As For Nokia, well let me just say this company has gone up 10 HUGE points in my books! Bloggers were given access to an amazing suite, with refreshments thrown in. Our questions were answered we were given exclusive unboxing and handset access. We were also able to sit and network with other bloggers. At times this ‘crackberry addict’ felt outnumbered and by the symbiAn mob but it was intresting to see others who felt thier os was superior. Its helped me view my own blackberry choice and ask myself what I like and dislike about the handsets.

A big shout out to ADAM from the Regents Store. Thank You very much! I also was fortunate to spend some time with Carl and his mate 😉 from NokiaApps. We were also fortunate to see Paul and co. from Nokia N97Geeks be the first to purchase a retail N97…Well done guys! Many thanks to Robert from, for doing the unboxing video for us.

Here are some videos of my Nokia n97 day …remember these are views from a blackberry boy!

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