Spice up Your Desktop! FREE ObjectDock Mac style!

Hi Guys, Your Guru emkwan here with a FREE special link to a cool ‘objectdock’ feature for your netbook, desktop or PC.

It’s based on the Mac style lower dock for your programs, applications, files shortcuts etc.

Works great on my Eee pc andI have had this running for over a year. Good ressponse and I have not found this to slow my system in anyway.  I wanted to share it with all my wonderful fans and subscribers.

Download link below!

Download link is here, BUT before you click that, please support me by subscribing to my Youtube channel and following me on Twitter.

Takes 1 minute of your time… but makes the team feel like its all worth while! 🙂

Thanks! Peace & Blessings!


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One thought on “Spice up Your Desktop! FREE ObjectDock Mac style!

  1. Ruth Rogge says:

    Question, when using my EEE netbook, if I don’t need to run it on the battery, should I plug it in and take out the battery to make it last longer? Also, this free mac style dock how much space does it use? Should I download to my EEE 1000? Thanks and love what you do. I have bookmarked your website and registered on both Youtube and Twitter. Sharing with friends.

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