You Choose The Best Avator/Image For emkWan

Hi guys, 

So i’v been going through a recent creative spell, and decided to change my avator/background ’emkwan’ images. I was wondering what you guys thought. 


Wanted to get you all interactive and stuff, so thought why not have a poll to see which avator you guys like best… 

1) Have a look at the images below:

2) Select your favourite from the poll

3) Follow me on Twitter!

Done! 🙂

*** If you want to be entered to win having an avatar designed for you then please leave a comment at the end! Winner to be selected on June 5th! Good Luck! ***

Lets see what you guys think!


….Don’t Forget To Follow!!! Tweet Tweet!…

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6 thoughts on “You Choose The Best Avator/Image For emkWan

  1. joee-21 says:

    Some amazing adobe work here. Saw your post on Crackberry and thought id check it out.

    The 3rd Icon down is amazing.

    Great stuff

  2. Giorgia says:

    I love the first one! Colorful!

  3. Hazy says:

    I like the mask best 🙂 but I like the others too!

  4. Coryjay says:

    I love the 2nd one! 🙂 but the Last one is growing on me 🙂 dude there all good 😉

  5. Derika says:

    I voted for the first. It was between the 1st and 3rd. The mask one looks great but I don’t think it go with “Geek is the new cool” (btw, awesome slogan)

  6. benben78 says:

    Dice and Arrows is awesome!!

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