WinMo Blackberry Bold Theme – Premium THEME

Hi Guys, ok so i wanted to have a look now at the paid for themes out there for the blackberry. Thanks to the guys over at, I have a paid for theme to review. It’s slick and well built. It features icons and a features from the familiar windows mobile or xp platform. Along with looking good, its very functional. 
To purchase this visit

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3 thoughts on “WinMo Blackberry Bold Theme – Premium THEME

  1. Aatif Hussain says:

    Thanks for the review! i was actually thinking about getting that theme so your review came just in time!!

  2. rob says:

    hi emkwan , i know that you must be really busy with things ? but i have been looking and searching all over the net for some cool themes for my bb . and then i stumbled upon your site and was blown away with your top 3 themes video … but cant seem to find the link for them ???? cold you please help me were to find the link ………. thanks and keep up the good work

  3. GtiSingh says:

    Quick question, RE : The screen res of BB’s
    The majority are 240×320 right ?

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