Sanyo Xacti Waterproof Dual Camera – Test Quality

emkWan here with a review of the quality of the Sanyo Xacti CA65 (or E1, if you’re in the US). Its not the latest but it is a new camcorder for me.



I’v taken three raw files showing the landscape, macro + waterproof quality of the camcorder. I’m debating with myself if the quality is good enough or to get a HD camcorder instead.

*Anyway see what you guys think, and let me know your thoughts!



Peace & Blessings!

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One thought on “Sanyo Xacti Waterproof Dual Camera – Test Quality

  1. Aatif Hussain says:

    Having just watched your videos regarding your video camera, i have got to say that it records really well and the image is nice and crisp. I also want to point out that a hd camera isnt really needed in your case for several reasons:
    1) your current camcorder records really well
    2) a hd camcorder will only go well with a hd ready tv or hd ready pc monitor
    3) i havent come across any hd camcorders which are water resistant and therefore you will be losing this key feature
    4) why buy a expensive hd camcorder when your current camcorder works a treat.

    Hope that helps!!

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