Palm Pre finds a totally unofficial home in China

Before phones show up at retail, they start showing up in totally random places in China — it’s basically a law of physics. And once that happens, they almost inevitably end up posted in a forum somewhere, and… well, you can gather where that leads. Chinese firm Ludle — which, according to its own description is in the business of “exploiting, producing and selling” — somehow came across a Pre (or possibly just an empty shell thereof), and a staff member took the time to do a quick set of comparo shots against a Centro and iPhone 3G. He notes that the Pre gets clogged with fingerprints as easily as the iPhone but handles scratching on the back a little better; the front is a different story, though, where the iPhone’s glass display wins. He goes on to say that the phone is currently in mass production (we’d certainly hope so), but what we don’t know is whether we’re looking at a CDMA version for Sprint or the GSM variant destined for sundry networks around the globe. We’ll take either, personally.

[Via PreThinking and TreoCentral]

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