Palm Pre – Possibley the Bold killer?!

hi guys,


so I’ve been getting a little excited recently, at the announcement and possibility that PALM may finally release a ‘great’ phone. Y am i so excited?

well simply because, the reason i first got into portable  gadgets was because of palm. i was given a palm zire as a gift when i was a first year student at college. this was a transformation from my hefty and at times, embarrassing filofax. i quickly moved onto the palm m515 and then the t3, tungsten and finally Tungsten T5.


It was in my 2nd year at university i began to notice the limitations of the palm handheld series and was not to excited at the treo or palm’s phone range. that’s when i went BLACKberry and haven’t looked back since.

however, this new announcement of the palm pre has made me wonder about some of the imitations of the blackberry. Sure its great with email, but i think blackberry lacks some of the simpleness of the palm organisation tools. 

Over the next few months, i’m going to put togther a project to look into the Pre and hopefully be one of the first to get my hands on a Pre when it launches here in the UK. but for now, here’s a video of the palm pre walkthrough…. click the image below to watch the video


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