Win A Free Blackberry Bold!!! YES FREE…

Hello Hello Hello you wonderful people!


welcome to another post from the emkWan Project! this one is a little special, WHY? because i have a FREE BlackberryBold 9000 handset, brand new, open to all networks to give away! for more information just watch this video…. and good luck!

Closing Date: 10th March 2009, So hurry! 🙂

Supported by: * * * Scancom – Blackberry Service Centre 


Hi Guys, apologies for the delay in not announcing a winner, unfortunately there has been a family related emergency which has meant i have not been able to get to record a winner video. i hope to get back to London by the 19th of march to have a video ready by the eve of the 19th! Please accept my apologies and keep your eyes posted!






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66 thoughts on “Win A Free Blackberry Bold!!! YES FREE…

  1. 360Challenge says:

    I am on pinstack forums religiously. I saw your post and decided to enter your contest. I am pretty advanced with blackberrys. I am currently running a 8300 Curve on Rogers. I would love to have a bold but i cannot afford it right now. Thanks for giving me a chance to win a bold, you are truely a wonderful person!

  2. Andrew Sweeting says:

    Great idea and might generous of you. Would love to win this for my Wife, as she has needed a BB for awhile now for work but I have been unable to get her one.

  3. Kevin says:

    I’ll never afford one right now so I might as well win one

  4. Julian says:

    Wow! What a generous soul! I really hope to win this phone. I think I deserve to win because I would truly value the Bold as an amazing device, and use it to the fullest of it’s potential.

  5. David says:

    I would love to win a bold, ive been making themes for them ever since it came out for my freind. Im rocking a curve right now and a bold would be a huge improvement, I would basically do anything to win this phone, Thanks for giving me a shot at winning this, have a good one


  6. stevetaz says:

    I am hoping to win since I went through the effort to sign up for a YouTube account, which I had never done before.

    That has to be worth something….

    Thanks for your generosity.

  7. prioritymail says:

    this contest is awesome! i am obsessed with my pearl, but i’ve always wanted a blackberry with a full qwerty keyboard so i’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    awesome youtube channel, by the way, i had a chance to check it out and it’s quite interesting. but i might be blinded, i think anything about blackberries are interesting lol.

  8. pdl2mtl90 says:

    Sure would like to try out the Bold with its 3G and large screen. Currently using a Curve and am not due for upgrade til 2010!

  9. rmjones101 says:

    Outstanding offer! =D

    I’ve been pushing all my family members to join the BB community and the biggest reason some don’t is because (so they’ll claim) of cost. So I’ve been fronting their initial BB investments. The Bold would be a nice upgrade for me, and hand off my current BB to my significant other =) naah, I’d let her have the bold.

  10. Isaac Johnson says:

    Why should I win? Because my name will be the one you draw of course! 🙂
    Why is that? Because it is meant to be. I need my china emkwan to send the Bold along its way with the dancing bears so I can put it to good use! Cheers!

  11. Adrian says:

    it’s nice that someone like do this, i’m 19 years old, and i always wanted a blackberry since i was little, but i can’t afford one right now, it’ll be nice if i win, if not then it wasn’t meant for me to have one. anyway. Thank you for doing this.


  12. Corinne says:

    Why should I win? Because I’ve just had to sell my bb to get back some money, but it’s really useful for work. And, I broke my other that I just bought 2 months ago.

    And, I’m following you on twitter.

  13. Tierre says:

    I should win because I am a Blackberry Addict and I need my fix!!

  14. Chase Watts says:

    Hmm why should I win? I think I should win because, this would be my first blackberry to own. It would also be the first thing I won off the internet. Another reason I think I should win is because, I have T-mobile and I want to be able to use the 3g network sadly to say the new blackberry 8900 doesn’t come with it.

  15. Chase Watts says:

    Hmm why should I win? I think I should win because, this would be my first blackberry to own. It would also be the first thing I won off the internet. Another reason I think I should win is because, I have T-mobile and I want to be able to use the 3g network sadly to say the new blackberry 8900 doesn’t come with it.

  16. Stephen says:

    Last Friday my sister lost one of her best friends in a car accident. Oddly I received a Blackberry on the same date. She is obviously very upset, and although a Blackberry isn’t exactly a solution it may help her with other difficulties in her life and get her through this time with the least stress. She’s been struggling with her old phone to organize her contacts and calendar, with little to no luck. She has used mine since I got it and has found it very useful. I would like to give this as a gift to her, as I could not even think to afford such a phone, and such a phone would altogether make her life ever so much organized and able.
    Thank you.

  17. Becky says:

    I have been supporting Blackberrys and The Enterprise Servers with all mail platforms for two years now.. But I only get to use the Bold for my work purposes and can’t get one on my personal plan as I’m stick stuck in contract!!

    I would love to be able to have my own and I think I should win cuz Australian’s never win overseas competitions..


  18. JL says:

    I waited and waited and waited and waited as AT&T kept pushing back the release date for the Bold. As my current phone was on the verge of dying, I opted against the iphone and got a Curve. Thinking that one day I would find a Bold that wasn’t being sold for the retail price. Looks like that day is here! I hope you pick my name out of that bowl! Thanks for giving me a realistic opportunity to obtain the phone that I’ve wanted for many months.

  19. ferny1510 says:

    hi,im a high school senior and i’m considering getting a blackberry phone as a way of being in touch of my scholarships, and college information, also about all financial material that would come from that, so a phone would really facilitate my way into college, and the world. but the fact is that i don’t have the money to buy it, and this would be a nice opportunity to get one. may be i should ask Santa don’t you think?????

  20. tate83 says:

    I want to win it! It’s only appeared in our stores and nobody can get one..


  21. Jason says:

    I’ve been a bold fan since I heard the rumors of it. Being married to Verizon, I just picked up a curve, but if I won a bold that would be enough to entice me to break contract and go to AT&T. Besides the fact that I’ve never won a darn thing in my 31 years, and it would be awesome to actually win a contest!

  22. Marc says:

    why do i deserve a bold? honestly, i already have one. but i dont want this for me. my friend is getting married very soon, and for a present i got him the curve 8350i, but he doesnt pay for his plan so he cant add the data package right now. you might think, no biggie, but thats wrong! HE CANT EVEN TEXT!!!! i feel like such an idiot getting him to come into the blackberry world and not even being able to text. if i can get this for him, i can pay for his data plan for a few months and then hell be able to do it himself afterwards and thanks to you you will have brough another loving blackberry fan into the blackberry world with the best blackberry out, in my opinion.

    thank you so much for this chance

  23. Marc says:

    and also, if he doesnt want it in the end, everyone in my family has a bold, except for my brother who has an old old blackberry. he is need need of an upgrade and what better phone than the bold??

    thanks again!

  24. John says:

    emkWan you have got to be the most generous person I have ever heard about. Me on the other had if I had another, yes another Bold I would not part with it.

    I think the Bold is the best Blackberry I’ve had yet and I would love another one as a backup, a tester, a work vs play blackberry.

    Thanks for the chance to win as well as some more interesting information I have now access to from your site.

  25. macmax92 says:

    I have never had a BB before, but I would love to get one, but they are just too expensive for me. Thanks for giving me a chance to win one.

  26. Rj Modicue says:

    I deserve to win the bold handset because i am a college student on the go who needs to be able to access files without lugging a laptop around. However because of my budget i can’t seem to get the extra cash to upgrade to the bold. I also have to keep up with many appointments and meetings and the bold would help me be more organized and have a far less stressful day between work and school demands.

  27. J says:

    Not because I deserve it but because I could use it more than anyone else. As a volunteer who could use a generous gift for service this would enable not just me but others working with me to be more productive and capable in the field. And it helps greatly In the work of health and wellness , putting people on a positive road to a healthy lifestyle, to have a means of communicating with those who need to be contacted. (in some cases more often then reality provides lol ) Most important that it would be a blessing to more than me.

  28. Thomas Bancroft says:

    I have always wanted a blackberry to keep up with my emails because I work with school districts in Oregon to sell ads for High School Yearbooks and I always have tons of emails. Having a phone that supports push email would make my life so much easier and in-turn help schools. I guess you could say I am working for better funding for schools across America, it would be awesome if i got picked 🙂

  29. Brian Paugh says:

    I currently own a BB Curve 8330 and absolutely love it. I am hooked! My son was just accepted to our state university and he will be the first in my family who has ever gone to college. I would love to give him the Bold as a college gift! We would be able to stay in touch which is extremely important to us obviously. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  30. johnny says:

    need a new phone cuz my old blackberry from like a year ago broke. got me through 1 year which is really long and i dont have money for a new blackberry. so need this. thx

  31. pkcable says:

    Cool contest, I’m in! That Bold will look SWEET next to my Storm! I need something good like this to happen to me, tragically we lost my sister (only 41) on Oct 22nd, and a win here would sure improve my mood a bit. Still real sad thou and will probably remain so for quite some time. 😦

  32. Matthew B says:

    I would love to win this Bold because it’s an amazing device and I would use it to it’s best of it’s abilities and I would love to be able to give my current blackberry curve to someone to be able to share the blackberry experience with more people. Opening up more windows to people using standard phones. I think this would be amazing. Thanks.

  33. Danny Wong says:

    hey. i think i should get this bold because i have a really old phone. im a student at pcc and would love this phone to help me get me my first smartphone and that would help me organize my life! 🙂 thanks for giving a student a chance. 🙂

  34. G. Booke says:

    from the Philippines I am.

    will check the video then.

    just would like to make it known that i feel the same way about all the others who have posted here.

    Bold is simply “Boldilicious” 🙂

    Me and the bold is like coffee and milk …perfect combination 🙂

    Thanks for your kindness and generousity emkwan

  35. John D. says:

    I would love the bold I have been in love with the bold since it came out …..
    and If i win i would give my current blackberry to my wife and use my dream bold for myself
    so yes I would LOVE to win this bold

  36. A. Walker says:

    I have been reading Pinstack, CrackBerry and BlackBerry forums since I got my Curve, and am definitely a BB addict, and I could not live without it as it has become essential to my daily life as well as my job (I am a Graphic Designer). I bought a used Curve on ebay as it was all I could afford. Long story short, I have had a year full of illness and medical expenses, while I can thankfully work mostly from home, it is essential fr me to stay accessible and connected! While I will always love my Curve (and will keep it in the family by giving it to my gf so we can stay in touch easier, especially since she has been my support through everything), I would be extremely grateful for the opportunity to own a newer, more powerful BlackBerry!


  37. Cory Bucher says:

    WOW, very generous of you giving away a beautiful BB Bold, Can’t say I wouldn’t love to get one of these for myself because I really do and would be fanatic if I could win. Anyway I think this is pretty awesome and appreciate your generosity.

  38. Joanna says:


    1. My phone has a battery life of 15 minutes, i always have to carry an extra phone with me just in case my phone dies and i need to make an important call.

    2. I am a college student, enough said!

    3. i would really like a new phone so i can replace my old ugly beat up one, and what a great opportunity i have!

    SO! if i win this contest i will be sooo happy and so grateful that someone is so willing to give away brand new phones, this is a pretty cool contest and will be alot cooler if i won, just kidding 🙂

  39. ossi says:

    I would love to get bold as I live in the land of Nokias it is very hard to get BB here! I think there is only one shop selling them here. And as I am university student I can only afford subsidized smartphones and therefor it is impossible for me to get a BB.

  40. Leander says:

    Wow, this is a great competition! Very generous of you! I have subscribed to your YouTube page. Hope I win! 😀

  41. Joey says:

    I have wanted a BB since they came out here in the states. My aunt has a BB Curve and ever since I put my hand on it I can’t take it off 🙂 I can’t afford one but I would love to win one and I hope whoever does win it can experience the power that is BLACKBERRY BOLD!!!

  42. Stefan says:

    I subscribed to your youtube channel as nem985. I think I should get the bold because as a university student the bold will be an invaluable tool to keep me connected and organised for uni life.

  43. louise (gobshiz) says:

    To win would be fantastic!
    But good luck too everyone who enters may the force be with you…
    Love the Blackberry and everthing about it i have my world in my pocket SMILE!!

  44. Sven says:

    This is soo generous of you to have this competition! I subscribed to your Youtube Page.. And my the best “Win” (Hopefully it will be me *lol*)

  45. Brian says:

    My birthday will be on March 7, So this would be the perfect Birthday gift!!!!

  46. John L says:

    I already owned a BOLD, the thing is, mine got stolen. I used it a lot for work/school as I am a working student, when I had lost it, I basically lost my schedule/planner and it has taken a toll on my grades/job. In the meantime i have had to resort to using my old Nokia phone which is not nearly up to par as my previous BOLD.

    If i were to be picked it would definitely help me get back to where i was. I hate thieves with a fucking passion.

    Please consider me.

    PS. I’ve been following your blog since you posted about the BOLD for the first time! im OG! haha

  47. Derrick says:

    love to try blackberry never really tried it.hope i win so i can test it out.

  48. T-Dub says:

    So I found your link on pinstack. I have been using BBs for a couple years now. I would love a new BB Bold so I can upgrade. Having a BB bold would give me new motivation for making new themes.

    Thanks for the link and the contest. Your blog is sweet. I will make sure to follow.



  49. Anthony says:

    Hey there EMKWAN!!!!!!!! i was just surfing the web and i noticed that you have made a contest for a blackberry bold 9000 hand set. when i heard this i got EXTREMELY EXCITED !!!!!!!!! and i have done everything you have said to do and i hope to be the winner of this contest…



  50. eric says:

    Hi Emkwan. First off, thank you for the chance to win. Pretty sure the video said to put a reason why i want to win, so here it goes….
    I’m getting married on the 20th of march in Vegas. So money has been alittle tight. I recently bought a HTC G1 and gave my curve to my future wife… Well now i hate it. I want to go back to blackberry so bad but she won’t trade. I hope I win this so I can get rid of this stupidly overhyped android device…

  51. Win says:

    Wow. What a great idea. I actually read your blog and downloaded one of the themes that you recommeded. Thanks for bringing that to my attention…I love it. So the reason I could use the BOLD. Well, i was recently laid off from my company due to a chapter 11 filing. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to work with a talented group of people to recreate one of the brands we distributed. Obviously, the start up costs associated with any company can be high, and having a BlackBerry to use would be extremely beneficial to our team. I’m sure there are plenty of folks with worthy reasons, so thanks for giving us the opportunity. Keep up the good work!!!

  52. Elliot says:

    My Blackberry Curve just broke and I can’t afford to buy a new one. That’s my reason to win the Bold lol

  53. DjRicoRich says:

    I will love to have a bold to alternate with my blackberry storm!!!!!!!!

  54. Dementia says:

    The reason why I would like to receive the Bold because I am in desperate need of a device that pretty much does it all. As an IT professional, it would be nice to have a blackberry because of its wifi capability which would be ideal on a service call. As well, its organizational features such as the calendar and address book would be a great help in organizing what some would call a very cluttered life. Also my current phone is a LG Vu — with big thumbs its touch screen has become an annoyance. I need a phone with keys at this stage of the game.

    Finally my last reason is that the Blackberry is a Canadian product. Being from Canada myself, I think it’s only right that I should own a blackberry whether it was through a contest or through a purchase.

  55. Smithnwesn says:

    Thanks for the vid’s on the phones and a chance to win the Bold! I think I should win the Bold because I’ve never had a Smart Phone and it can save my marriage! I drive my wife crazy being late all the time or forgetting things. I tend to get involved in too much, like working late, teaching kids at church, coaching baseball, yada, yada, yada. But it doesn’t help that I have a plain personal cell, a plain work cell and a work PDA. I need to get organized and I believe the Bold can help me do that! So for the past month I have researched Smart Phones in the hopes of replacing my multiple devices. After comparing phones and watching your reviews, I have decided on the Bold due to it’s features. However, my carrier wants too much for a new one so I am considering a refurbished one, if I can get a good deal. If I win, I’ll be sure to stay in touch so everyone can see how the Bold changed my life, saved my marriage and got me to the boys ballgame on time!!

    BSafe and keep up the good work Emkwan!

  56. John Mijares says:

    I want the Bold because it’s the best BlackBerry in the world!
    Also, my BlackBerry Curve 8320 has a significantly slower processor and I need 3G!
    And I basically can’t afford the Bold lol

  57. Dezi says:

    I will like to win this blackberry bold because I am still in contract and it cost to much to upgrade… hopefully you pull my name and its not to late to enter the contest…

  58. Corinne says:

    I hope everything’s ok at this point, and the emergency wasn’t too horrible.

    I’ll be on the lookout!

  59. chase watts says:

    I’ve already registered once
    Chase watts United States
    Besides that I hope your family situation is going better you should definitely hold off on this contest if your going through things right now.

  60. I would really like this.

  61. farhan says:

    hello i want a blackberry bold for my
    birthday on october the 13th tank u
    very much

  62. Sophia says:

    my names sophia i am 13 years old. i would like to win a blakberry because my familey hasnt got alot of money because last year my dad died because of a motor bike accident. so my mom had leave work so that she could look after me and my brother bob. last christmas and for my birthday this year i carnt have anything for my birthday, the children at school bully me because i dnt have lot of money and if i win a blackberry bold then at least they know that im not poor and i might have sme friends. i have to go to a public liabry to use the computers for homework and communication because it is free if i won a blackberry bold it would change my life and i might have some friends
    thank you for lisening.

  63. jessica says:

    i will want win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( please pick me now

  64. hannah says:

    im not alowed one so if i win one illshow them whos boss im bullied cus i dont have dad would have liked me to have one my mam and dad have split so i really would love one

  65. ahmed says:

    i realy want this pleas

  66. Stevenpn says:

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