Finally the blackberry bold videolog

hi guys…


sorry iv delayed the video log, unfortunatly i’v been very busy last few days.


anyway here is my log. let me know what you guys think and remember to subscribe to my videos!


just to recap…

i consider myself a hard power user, 100 or so emails daily, my main mp3 player, bluetooth connected, 20-50 sms daily and around 2-3 hours calls through out the day. Not to mention the tons of 3rd party applications. These include:

  • Vigo
  • Vlingo
  • Crackberry shortcut
  • bbc shortcut
  • berryreview shortcut
  • the street mobile stocks checker
  • weatherbug
  • twitterberry
  • APN mobile news
  • wikipedia
  • quickpull
  • Nav4All
  • Mara task list
  • Tetris for BB
  • as well as loads of themes!

so I’m going to see how long the bold will last under the pressure of a full day for me. my itinerary includes:

9am – 1pm: Clinic – seeing patients

2pm – 3pm: Collect item travel other side of central London

3pm-4pm: Home – travel back to my flat and prepare for evening journey to Leicester

4pm-5:30pm: Work on business related items – using my Blackberry to fire out emails.

5:30pm – 7:30pm: go out with flat mate to collect item for kitchen – going to need SatNav

8:30pm: Train leaves for Leicester.

10pm: Meet with friend and go for a coffee.




6 thoughts on “Finally the blackberry bold videolog

  1. V says:

    Great video. Nice to see the bold still had some life left over even after such heavy usage. Would be nice to know what OS you were using at the time?

  2. Toby Manley says:


    First off let me thank you for the chance to win this BlackBerry bold.

    The reason I think I should win is because I cannot afford a blackberry and I work at a medium size law firm as the network admin. I have a wife on SSI Disability (fixed income) and a 1 year old and 6 year old.

    However, I am responsible for tech support for the 8 attorneys WHO DO HAVE blackberries. The problem is on my $17 per hour wage I cannot personally afford one but it would be a boon to have.

    Because my boss only extends phones to those who are attorneys in his firm this leaves me crap out of luck to have one in my hands to actually see, so I have to resort to screenshots and other google searches to try to come up with their issue and not having one to work with makes this very frusterating.

    I hope I win it would be like christmas in March – only better.

    Thanks again emkWan for the opportunity – and may your contest run smoothly.

    Best of luck to everyone



  3. Chandelle says:

    Thanks for giving everyone a chance to win the Blackberry bold.

    The reason I think I should win is because, well first I’ve never had a cell phone. I’d absolutely love to own a Blackberry but I just can’t seem to afford one.

    Good luck everyone

  4. Gladys Cruz says:

    Thank you soo much for the opportunity to win this phone! That is so humanitarium of you at this time of our economy slump. Words can’t express how much I’d love and appreciate this phone. I have cellphone service but can’t afford to buy this beautiful phone. It would be a dream come true for me to own it. Wow and to know I can download free software for it from you EmkWan Project is even more exciting. Your very talented. I’m a Blackberry addict. The Bold would be the ultimate phone for me.

    Best of luck to all! I’m crossing my fingers and praying for this one.


  5. DeAndre Hendon says:

    Thank You For The Contest!

    I think i should have the Blackberry Bold because i never had a phone and it would be about time i would have some mobile technology around my house.

  6. Elliot says:

    My Blackberry Curve just broke and I can’t afford to buy a new one. That’s my reason to win the Bold lol

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