The Bold Battery Under Pressure! How will it perform?

Hi guys!

so for my next video, I’v decided to see how my battery life performs under pressure…

i consider myself a hard power user, 100 or so emails daily, my main mp3 player, bluetooth connected, 20-50 sms daily and around 2-3 hours calls through out the day. Not to mention the tons of 3rd party applications. These include:

  • Vigo
  • Vlingo
  • Crackberry shortcut
  • bbc shortcut
  • berryreview shortcut
  • the street mobile stocks checker
  • weatherbug
  • twitterberry
  • APN mobile news
  • wikipedia
  • quickpull
  • Nav4All
  • Mara task list
  • Tetris for BB
  • as well as loads of themes!

so I’m going to see how long the bold will last under the pressure of a full day for me. my itinerary includes:

9am – 1pm: Clinic – seeing patients

2pm – 3pm: Collect item travel other side of central London

3pm-4pm: Home – travel back to my flat and prepare for evening journey to Leicester

4pm-5:30pm: Work on business related items – using my Blackberry to fire out emails.

5:30pm – 7:30pm: go out with flat mate to collect item for kitchen – going to need SatNav

8:30pm: Train leaves for Leicester.

10pm: Meet with friend and go for a coffee.

I’ll be using EDGE 1st and do a similiar review with 3G. So what do you guys think will it last? why not answer the poll…and I’ll post my video tomorrow!

Wish me Luck!

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