emkWan™’s Top 3 FREE Blackberry Bold Themes Review!

Hi All…

after owning a bold now for more than 6 months, i’v been an addict for changing my theme every now and again. i decided to put a short video review of some of my favourite themes for the bold i have used.

Although there’s a range of FREE and PAID for themes out there, i’v decided to just stick with FREE theme’s for now!

My selection of the top three (3) are based on functionality, appearence and overall style.



*some pictures*

















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17 thoughts on “emkWan™’s Top 3 FREE Blackberry Bold Themes Review!

  1. Eric says:

    You mentioned links to the wallpapers as well, but I don’t see any.

  2. rob says:

    hi i like the small icon theme, any chance of sharing the actual theme, ive just started plaing around with themes for my bold and i can change the icons but not sure how to do the size. do you have the plazmic file or just the alx file. i dont mind sending you the themes i have done.


  3. Anthony says:

    Hi, Excuse my ignorance. After downloading the first theme, I can installed it on to my Bold. It doesn’t seem to want to pick up .jad file.

    I also can’t find the second theme on the Pimp my Berry site.

    Again, apologies for my ignorance. I just got my Bold, 4 hours ago.

    Many thanks.


  4. Nono says:

    where can i download these themes?
    cant find a link anywhere..

  5. P2 says:

    I cannot see the link either

  6. dee says:

    those are great themes…….
    how can i get it?
    thank you…..

  7. itasseGef says:

    emm.. cognitively )

  8. sandie says:

    cant find the link either. pls send me the link. thanks

  9. harpoongun39 says:

    i think its a wind up . . . . . been looking for hours for the link > anybody knows ???/

  10. pauhmoro says:

    please send me the link. I just cannot find the link to download.

  11. pauhmoro says:


  12. sefer says:

    i want to themes please

  13. andre says:

    Hi There,

    Cannot seem to find a link to dowmload these themes.

  14. seb says:

    Dude send me the link plz I can’t find it

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