BBCiplayer programs on your Blackberry! Easy As @*%! lol


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37 thoughts on “BBCiplayer programs on your Blackberry! Easy As @*%! lol

  1. Mohammad says:

    I just downloaded one programme from BBC iPlayer & watching it on my BlackBerry Storm 9500. Awesome quality, thanks to EMKWAN.

  2. emkwan says:

    thank you Mohammad 😉 wasalam bro!

  3. Stephen says:

    Hi emkwan,
    Thanks for sharing this and making it easy for the uninitiated. The quality of the image on my Bold is impressive and makes me question if I would not have been better off with a Storm (then I remember wifi and the keyboard and accept that Life’s about compromise)

  4. emkwan says:

    Yeah Stephen, in my opinion the storm is impressive but not really as functional as the bold or 8900.

  5. chris says:

    Does the video expire within so many days like it would on your computer when you download it. Regards Chris

  6. chris says:

    Will the video expire within so many days like it would on your computer when you download it. Regards Chris

  7. emkwan says:

    not that im aware chris

  8. imz says:

    Nice one bro thanks for the video. Helpful info!

  9. Brian says:

    Hi, I have a Pearl 8800 and can only play the sound part of the TV programme, am I doing something wrong?

  10. Brian says:

    Hi, I have a Pearl 8800 and can only play the sound part of the TV programme, am I doing something wrong? Brian

  11. peter c says:

    the real trick would be to be able to install iplayer on a blackberry so that one could watch streaming video and listen to streaming audio but I guess that’s not possible

  12. mandy (newcastle) says:

    OMG this is amazing I am really not a pc whizz at all but I followed your instrutions and it worked yee ha now my 2 year old is so happy watching balamory, it means I can download all kids stuff and when on holiday… this is great
    I am using blackberry curve 8900 and the picture and sound is spot on

  13. peter c says:

    the key thing to understand is that th BBC has not made a version of i player that can live with a blackberry, so it’s all very well to download stuff from the pc to the blackberry, what we want is i player to go on a blackberry so that we can see and hear programmes as we can using the pc but the BBC won’t do it

  14. RobbieMac says:

    I have downloaded the exe file but when i click on it it brings up an option to run but when i click on that nothing happens?

    Any suggestions?

  15. S.Trooper says:

    Awesome, thanks emkwan.

    Doesn’t this work beter than an iPlayer app would because of the ‘fair use policy’ which limits you to just 500mb per month with Vodaphone? If a one hour clip compresses to ~100mb, how long before you reach your cap if you were streaming?

    From the Vodafone website ‘Terms and conditions:Mobile Internet’
    “The Pack gives you unlimited data access in the UK only, subject to a fair use limit of 500mb per month.”

  16. S.Trooper says:

    Vodaphone? Vodafone?

  17. TweenyJake says:

    Hi Emkwan – this is absolutely awesome. The quality is superb on my BB Storm and for a non techie an absolute dream to use – many thanks

  18. FUZZYWUZY says:

    Many thanks set this up on my curve.

  19. FUZZYWUZY says:

    Hope you or someone else manages to do the same with 4OD !

  20. paul says:

    Excellent blog Emkwan, although it looks like the link on the po-ru website has disappeared, it just mentions about ruby now. The link (for v1.11) is under Quick Start (Windows) now.

  21. Jimmy says:

    I did as you said on your blog, it is SO EASY to follow, Thanks. I have a Blackberry Curve (8300) and (8820). The only issue I am having is I get sound but no picture, would you know of any ways to get this sorted. Any hints or tips will be great.

    Keep up the good work, I guess you made LOADS of Blackberry users HAPPY:)


  22. Paul H says:

    Many thanks for this.

  23. PETER C says:

    yeah but i want streaming tv as live not downloading o to my pc first

  24. Paul W says:

    hi – sounds a good program but when trying to launch this I get an error message “this program has failed to start because MSVCR71.dll was not found”

    any ideas welcome

  25. Paul W says:

    Hi , I have downloaded new codecs for media player which has cured the problem.

  26. CM461 says:

    Impressive – my home broadband is too slow for the full version, the smaller file size of the .mov downloads quicker and it quality is fine

  27. tony says:

    managed to download a programme and watched it – great quality.

    problem is i have downloaded another programme by plugging in my 8900 into my laptop and using copy / paste to put the .MOV file in my videos folder on my phone. when i try to play it through the blackberry media player the programme is not in the list and i don’t know how to find it. any solutions?

  28. PETER C says:

    I don’t want to download anything, I just want to watch iplayer on my blackberry as streaming vide like my mate does on his other kind of phone

  29. EnglishLion says:

    Emkwan the reason the BBC iPlayer does not show in other countries is because the BBC is a service provided by the British Tax payer. By allowing iPlayer to be shown the the USA would be pretty silly as we’re paying for the service, not them.

    thanks for the tutorial.

  30. peterhan says:

    hi emkwan
    is there a way to watch tv straight from iplayer without downloading it first??

    many thanks!

  31. vcator says:

    Are there any know issues with Win7, Blackberry 8310 or V4.5.0.124 ?

    The iPlayer downloader worked OK and MP4 file plays OK in MediaPlayer on the Win7 laptop, but when transfered to the Blackberry the sound is OK but screen blank :-/

    I tried using Roxio Media Manager just to check and using the optimising setting, had video, albleit a much smaller display, but no sound. Weird.

    btw, great tutorial. Really clear.

  32. Joogy says:

    Hi mate, fantastic site but I’m afraid you have come up against a thicko here!
    I followed the instructuions to get iplayer and I have managed to store the programme I want in my documents. I have then plugged in my Bold 9700 but there is no message that comes up asking me about mass storage device so I don’t know what to do? I tried then connecting my old Blackberry curve and that does prompt the message for a Mass storage device but when I drag and drop the programme into my vidoes on the blackberry, it says it cannot copy everything across. After it has downloaded I can hear the iplayer programme but get no pictures. However I really want it on my Bold 9700 as that is what I use now. Please help and remember you are talking to the dunce of the class here!

  33. Jon T says:

    At last i player on my Blackberry Storm. Top quality and simple program to use. Well done. I will now upgrade my BB Storm to the latest version instead the i Phone.

  34. xgemx says:

    worked 1st time on my 8520
    thank you so much amazing 🙂

  35. Ravi says:

    Hi, thanks for the guide Emkwan, very useful and easy to follow. Works great on my Blackberry but is there a way to view the videos on the iPod as it takes the same format. I can watch it in iTunes but it won’t let me transfer it to my iPod?? Also, do you know of any way to remove the DRM from the HD files? Thanks, Ravi.

  36. aimisha says:

    This is bad because I don’t now if I can download on blackberry curve 8500

  37. abdir says:

    Mine blackberry 8520 won’t let me download it cause it don’t work on curve (need help)

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